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Al Bal Ballistics Calculator 

Al_Bal is a Microsoft Windows based application for making ballistics calculations for various types of small arms. It includes a number of pre-loaded ballistics files ('.abf' files) in the 'Project Files' folder under the main program folder, as well as a number of trajectory tables ('.txt' files) in the 'Range Tables' folder under the main program folder. These files are for various types of air gun pellets, but 'Al_Bal' is suitable for any type of small arms. Click on the exe. file to install.

Lee Precision Ballistics Calculator

The Lee Precision Ballistics Calculator is a very simple and easy to use program. It utilizes basic functions to give you an accurate depiction of your bullet's ballistics. This is a very useful program for beginners or people who want to cut out some of the other calculations which may not be easily accessable while sitting behind your computer. This program is very accurate at giving you the optimal distance to "zero" or sight in your weapon. 


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